‘Give Me A Chance’, the new Scream Weaver single

Released today, in the streaming platforms, the newest Scream Weaver single: Give Me A chance. For more info on this realease, check the links and give a listen to their music.

One of the best things about having many gifted friends is that sometimes I see a very nice project emerging and, for my luck, many times I have access to a lot of cool things at first hand.

It happened this way with Scream Weaver. About 4 years ago, I was at Eloisio’s house, my friend and writer for the PodCaverna blog – maybe you know him from some of our videos and podcasts – he told me he had a project and wanted to form a band. While he was talking about that, he was also turning the computer on. He opened the Guitar Pro and started showing me some of his songs that had been finished, he had no other musicians involved and neither a name for the band. I was taken by great anxiety, because the music was amazing, even though being played by electronic instruments.

Since then I’m presented with avant-premieres of singles, EPs and cover arts of this material, which to me is something of enormous joy and makes me even more excited and really wishing to see all this talent being spread around the world.

Yes, around the world!

I’ve already told Eloisio countless times that Scream Weaver is a band that should be lining-up a great rock festival, the ones that happen around Europe. I don’t say that just because we’re friends or because I almost got the lead guitar position on the band – a great honor which I had to decline for the impossibility of traveling to rehearse. I say this because every time some of their material is released, I see how certain I am of thinking that more and more people should listen to them.

This is one of these days: released today, in all streaming platforms, is the new Scream Weaver single: Give Me A Chance. Inspired by the Black Sabbath of the 70’s, the song’s heavy and powerful without losing the personality that marks Scream Weaver since their debut, with Reaper Ripped Apart. The lyrics, like all the rest of the material, don’t state the obvious and, even though it may sound like a romantic theme, it’s a great analogy in which the woman of the song to whom you beg for a chance is no one but life. The cover art was made by Vinicius Gonçalves, the singer who also shows a great talent beyond his amazing vocals.

The release remarks two novelties: the entry of Gabriel Amendola and producer Ricardo Lins, the fifth Weaver and the guy who makes the bass and drums of Henrique and Eloisio sound even brighter and louder.

There’s nothing more to say but to invite you to grab your headphones, turn the volume up and listen to their music. I’m leaving a 30 second bit down bellow, but also the links to the single and the main streaming platforms, and of course, the links to the social medias so you can stay tuned to what is happing with the band on the fly.

Listen to the other singles and the Nevermore EP!


Scream Weaverwww.screamweaver.com — is Eloísio Michalski (bass), Vinícius Gonçalves (vocals), Henrique Pinho (drums) e Gabriel Amêndola (guitar).

Producer: Ricardo Lins

Social medias:

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/scream_weaver

Twitter – https://twitter.com/scrmwvr

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ScrWvr

Give me a chance in the streaming platforms

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/track/7t05PvcZWoNNtKQ0qJWxFK

Deezer – https://www.deezer.com/br/album/128563192

Apple Music – http://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1496490161

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